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Maxi Moom, the World's biggest natural tits
Hello, I am Maxi Moom, a busty model also known as Maxi32JJ and Maxi from TopHeavy. As you can see, Mother Nature blessed me with abnormally big natural tits, much bigger then it's normal for my body type. It's not easy to carry them around, have to admit that, but if my destiny is to make men happy, then I'm grateful for such a great gift.

Take a look at the pictures, my massive breasts are enormous, but absolutely real. No morphing or any other kind of photo editing has been done to make them look bigger - you see them as they really are. Plus, my boobs are 100% natural, no silicone implants, no saline injections... absolutely nothing artificial.

Some people say "Maxi has the World's biggest natural boobs on a slim body"... well, maybe that's not quite true, but it's not far from it either. My largest bra at this moment is 34L and I am overflowing it. Perhaps the most interesting thing of all is that my boobs are permanently growing and who knows if it will ever stop. The growth is slow, but certainly noticeable over the years.

Beside the gigantic size, my breastss are also blessed with perfect symmetry, nice shape and huge nipples too. Finally, my boobs are lactating and producing gallons of milk every day!

So, if you are a big tits lover, you're at the right place, because I have sooo much to offer :)

Hugs and kisses, Maxi


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