High Resolution Photos Of My Gigantomastia Tits

Looks like you want to see more of me and my abnormal gigantomastia tits? Well, thanks for that sweetie, I'm flattered. In return, let me show you a few samples, but have to warn you first: close up shots of my gigantic natural boobs may shock people, hehehe. Yes, photos are HUGE, just like my tits are, so be prepared for a screen full of breast flesh. Go on and click on the thumbs. Amazing dimensions, huh? I mean dimensions of pics, but the breasts as well :) Resolution is 1600x1200 pixels and such big frame images are absolutely necessary for my enormous boobs to fit in, LOL! The newest photos are even bigger, resolution goes up to 12 megapixels (4288x2848 pixels ).

As you can see, photos in Members Area are detailed and of a high quality. This applies on majority of photosets. Exception are pics from the early period of my modeling, not so big and "high tech", but certainly authentic and have their own specific charm. Anyway, newer or older, bigger or smaller, one thing is common for all my photos: you see nothing but real life amateur pics. There is absolutely nothing professional about them: I'm not a pro model, there are no pro photographers, no pro equipment, no pro studios... just pure reality. There is even no cosmetic editing or retouching, you see my tits as they really are.


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