High Definition Videos Of My Gigantomastia Tits

Here are the real screenshots from actual video clips. Click on thumbnails to see how big is the HDV screen:

Beside the size, HD video also means a lot of details. On the following screenshots you can clearly see tiny streams of milk sprayed from my big nipples:
HDV became popular in year 2005 and only a few websites featured this new format. I really liked the whole idea and it seemed that HDV is a perfect frame for my huge gigantomastia boobs. So, in January 2006 my website was the first one that offered HDV in big tit domain. The time has passed by, but HD videos are still rare on the Internet. The fact is that HDV footage is kinda tricky to shoot, time consuming to produce, complicated to host, but I don't care. My fans like it and that's all I need to know.

As you can see from the screenshots on the left, HD videos have amazing resolution of 1280x720 pixels. My older videos are produced in DVD quality with resolution of 720x540 pixels and the oldest ones are relatively small, only 384x288 pixels. But since my huge natural tits appear on each and every video, I'm absolutely sure you will enjoy them all, no doubt about it :)))

What's the most important is fact that all my videos are encoded the same way, as simple WMV files (Windows Media Video). It's the most common video format on the Internet and not without the reason: WMV videos are easy to play on every computer, new or old, PC Windows or Apple Mac.


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